Apartment in the south of France from Brengues Le Pavec Architectes

Design firm Brengues Le Pavec Architectes has transformed an old apartment in the city of Montpellier in the south of France. SBL apartments are a modern and cozy space, completely redesigned in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

Architects got rid of the long corridor and created more harmonious proportions of private and public areas, filling all rooms with light.

It was decided to combine the living room with the kitchen, while the latter was still placed in a glass cube, which made it possible to separate the rooms if necessary. To enhance the effect of separate rooms on the floor in the kitchen, tiles were used, while in the main part of the day zone there is oak parquet. The central kitchen island resembles a jewel in a jewelry box. The black wall in the living room contrasts with the large white library opposite.

In the apartment, there is a large number of joinery, which were created specifically for this project. It was also possible to organize a lot of hidden storage systems, including in each of the four bedrooms.

In the bathroom, the contrast of black and white colors is repeated, and tiles are also present.








House at the foot of a mountain range in Mexico

Studio Surber Barber Choate + Hertlein Architects designed a luxurious family residence in the city of San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico, at the foot of the El Cerro de Chipink mountain range.

The complex configuration of the building, whose area is 929 square meters, is created by a combination of vertical concrete planes that form internal and external spaces flowing into each other. The main topics of study of architects are thus Transparency and Penetration.

Secondary forms, trimmed with black granite or contrasting white plaster, create more monolithic and closed volumes. The texture and color of granite rhyme with the mountain peaks rising very close. The coolness of the stone and concrete is contrasted with the warmer shades of wood that are used inside and out.

The inventive composition of planes forms portals creates negative spaces, frames the most expressive views, and provides a hierarchy of scales.

The construction of the house uses a passive solar design, which minimizes energy consumption; the collected rainwater is used for irrigation and supply of decorative fountains.

Photos: Phillip Spears

Bang & Olufsen speaker system by Øivind designer Alexander Slaatto

Art, innovation, and state-of-the-art technology are combined in Bang & Olufsen’s BeoSound Shape sound system. The shape in the form of a wall modular tile provides a wide range of combinations. It is ideal for both music lovers and designers. The wireless system becomes a work of art and interior décor, providing excellent music playback quality.

Designer Øivind Alexander Slaatto was inspired by the shape of the hexagon, which is characteristic of nature and is read in various elements, from snowflakes to honeycombs. Each combination is unique and filled with natural beauty.

Users can install up to 44 tiles with speakers in one unit, making a composition to their taste. You can transfer music directly from your tablet or smartphone. The colors of the fabric range from classic black and gray to green and pink, which makes it possible to create a truly unique speaker system.




Furniture collection by VeegaDesign

The new British brand veegadesign specializes in the production of handmade furniture, lighting, and home accessories. Talented designers combine fashionable, bold, and modern solutions to create a cozy décor. Bright colors and bold shapes always give a smile.

The collection of Сrafting Сomfort is based on the use of traditional methods in a modern way. Playful shapes, juicy paints, unusual threads, and interesting materials, among which there is rubber, felt and even bungee cords, combined with wooden bases, make the products of this collection memorable and durable.



Components for the bathroom and kitchen made of natural marble…

Brand Aquabrass from the USA is engaged in the design and manufacture of various components for kitchens and bathrooms. In its new collection called MARMO, the brand worked in collaboration with Italian designers Antonio Gardoni and Federico Castelli.

The main idea of the project was the connection of stone, metal, and water. Aquabrass employees decided to use the beauty of natural materials with the conciseness of simple shapes and lines that create a modern design. 23 products and 15 types of finishes made of two types of marble were presented to the attention of customers.